Rogue Drug Site Operators Indicted for Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substances

A superseding indictment charges two individuals, Carleta Carolina and Wayne White, with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and other charges as part of their involvement in a large-scale rogue Internet drug outlet operation. DEA Special Agent in Charge, John J. Bryfonski, pointed out that several of these charges are the first in violation of the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act. According to a DEA press release, the superseding indictment alleges that from at least April 2005 to December 7, 2009, the defendants illegally distributed controlled and non-controlled prescription drugs to individuals without valid prescriptions. Defendant Carolina allegedly owned, operated, and was affiliated with Internet drug sites that sold controlled and non-controlled prescription drugs to customers who were only required to complete an online medical questionnaire, but were not examined by a physician in connection with their orders. Defendant White operated a Florida pharmacy that allegedly dispensed some of the prescriptions. The two individuals are also charged with the distribution of controlled substances, conspiracy to introduce misbranded drugs into interstate commerce, and other charges.

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